Board Members

Roberta Fox

Roberta Fox graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1980. She graduated from Touro Law School in 1984. Ms. Fox started her legal career in the field of Medical Malpractice with the law office of Furey & Furey.
Thereafter, she worked for D’ Amato, Forchelli, Libert, Schwartz, Mineo & Carlino, as the head of the Residential Banking Department. In 1988, she opened her own practice.

Ms. Fox has been a member of the Nassau County Criminal 18b Panel, as well as the Nassau County Family Court 18b and Law Guardian Panels since 1989, where she represents indigent adults and children. In 1990, she joined the Queens County Family Court Law Guardian and 18b Panels, as well. Ms. Fox is a sole practitioner, with a practice involving Family and Matrimonial Law, Mediation, Criminal law, Personal Injury and Real Estate matters. She has recently been admitted to the Nassau County Bar Association Mediation Panel.

Ms. Fox is a past President of the Nassau County Women’s Bar Association. As a member of the Women’s Bar of the State of New York, she has served on the Matrimonial Committee, Criminal Law Committee and the Working Parents Committees.

She has been a member of the Children’s Rights Committee for the past fifteen years, where she reviews pending legislation which impact women and children. All of her work has given her a passion for helping women from all backgrounds.

Rev. Dr. Rene Minter, DMin, LCSW-R

Dr. Rene Minter is a prolific professional, philanthropist, author, and educator, harnessing a diversified portfolio of expansive proportions. She is a Christian Based Psychotherapist in private practice amongst the cultural melting pot that is, New York City. A staunch supporter of people having access to mental health services; despite the income, Dr. Minter is an advocate of All Minds Matter. It is in that same spirit, that she offers her best care to those in need.

She has been a feature writer for Rebirth of the Total Woman Magazine, featured in WomLead magazine, and is also a professional social worker, and a diversity and inclusion strategist providing Executive Management to the non-profit sector. No stranger to the creation of handcrafted masterpieces; Dr. Minter has also co-authored 10anthologies and is 8-time Amazon International Best-Selling Author. Dr. Minter is committed to spreading the message of enlightenment to many more and is now the proud television host of her very own syndication; The Miracle In You With Dr. Rene on The Believe in Your Dreams Network.

Her reputation has not earned by casual means, as Dr. Minter has also held a position as NGO representative at the United Nations and is also a former college professor; some of the many ways she echoes her heart for global society. 

Tracy Gleckler

Tracy Gleckler is a Bible Teacher and Evangelist who has volunteered at Living Water for over 6 years teaching the ladies about the Holy Bible and about Jesus Christ. She is pursuing her second Masters Degree in Divinity and has interned as a pastor at several United Methodist Churches. Tracy is a science teacher at Glen Cove High School and also teaches Bible Study at Shelter Rock Church in Syosset.

Pat Douglas

Pat Douglas currently teaches special education in the South Bronx, New York. She has experience working with the toughest population in the Bronx which has prepared her to work with many of our clientele. She is certified in Approved Medication administration Personnel (AMAP) and Behavior Management/Psychology Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention (SCIP).

Pat worked in ministry with Guardian Angel Family Crisis Center in 2008 and then helped found Living Water for Women in 2010. Because of her long history with Living Water she helps oversee the finances as treasurer. Having struggled with addiction herself she has tremendous insight and compassion for our women as she mentors them, during projects or special dinners and game nights.

Tassy Lachman

Tassy pastors the Evangelical Christian Church in Glen Cove with her husband. she has worked in fashion as a team leader, retail analyst and administravive manager. She manages several properties which has enhanced her people skills. She counself women regularly and uses her experience as a junior accountant and public speaker to motivate our clients. 

Grace Pellegrino 

Grace holds an accounting degree and is currently a commercial mortgage broker and commodity facilitator. She is a woman of faith for over 35 years and has led a Victorious Overcomes support group for 8 years. She is passionate about helping woman overcome their addictions and plans on finding and leading a similar support group that is like the over comers at our homes. Grace plans on conducting other workshops from time to time to help the woman in the houses. Grace has a servant’s heart and helps at the houses whenever it is needed.