“Living Water saved my life. I had tried again and again to live a sober life and something always got in the way. Either a friend or a man let me down and disappointed me and I would return to drinking again to numb the pain. Today I have my own apartment, car and a wonderful job taking care of an elderly man who desperately needs my help. He doesn’t always thank me or appreciate me but I’ve learned to accept who I am, what I can do and my God given purpose in life!”


M came to us several years ago after spending 9 months in a program. Her information sheet looked a mess and we were a little reluctant to accept her. However, as soon as she could, she got a part time job, went to outpatient treatment and grew in leaps and bounds. We helped her get a scholarship to school to get her CASAC(drug & alcohol counselor). She moved out shortly when completed and got a job in her field right away. 

C was another client who came from another sober house. I had originally met her at Nassau County Jail. I had to say that we butted heads a lot and even had a near screaming match one time but we grew to love and respect one another. C was an incredible artist and once she recognized how much talent she had and that she was indeed good at something other than using drugs she blossomed. She eventually moved out to Suffolk County. There she got an apartment, a home health aide job and even a car. She is doing well and comes to visit from time to time. She is an inspiration to all who meet her.  

Do you want to get well, would you like to feel joy, hope and love? Then Living Water for Women is for you.

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